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Planning of the Salzburger Leite car park in Bad Neustadt / Saale with 81° inclined structure on commission of the Kriesche architects' office (2016 - 2019)

On street parking, multi-storey car parks, residential parking, garages, conventional or automated parking …
no matter how you look at it, we are the right partner when it comes to parking of vehicles of any kind   - cars, bikes, motorbikes, trucks or busses.

Parking is a service...
in the interest of mobility to ensure accessibility and functionality of urban centres. Parking needs to be organized as part of a reasonable traffic and transport policy.

Our philosophy:
We develop and optimize solutions for parking regarding performance, cost efficiency and sustainability in the interest of urban development and user-friendliness for the respective location.

Our know-how – your benefit!
The layout of a parking system looks actually very simple – an elaborated configuration of rectangles, trapezes, lines and arcs. But in reality there are many more details which we as specialists with more than 30 years of experience are able to plan in an optimal and efficient way for you. This also applies to all other services we offer.

We support you right from the beginning!
The best way to ensure the success of the project is to consult us at an early stage. When planning concepts for traffic development with respective parking areas – whether as building owner, operating company, project developer or architect, but also as local community - specific requirements for modern, user-friendly and appropriate car parking solutions should be considered right from the beginning of the project.

Cars need more and less parking space at the same time
Parking systems need to be planned with regard to future demands and needs. It is insufficient just to adopt above-ground structures to basement levels in order to build a good underground car park. Requirements on layout and structure differ quite often, the planning of both tasks should be done parallel to find the best overall solution.

We support you in every stage of the project!
We provide our services also for advanced projects or upcoming redevelopment and assist you with our long-standing experience as planners and consultants.


We are specialized in:

Parking space concepts
for cities, districts, business parks, surroundings of centres with high traffic volume

Planning of all kinds of parking facilities
Ground-level parking, parking decks, above- and underground parking, mechanized and automated parking systems

Traffic connections for parking systems and areas
including fire brigade and truck access to the properties

Bicycle parking - automated and conventional


Overview of services and solutions we provide for parking systems:

Planning of parking spaces
Surveys of parking areas, concepts for parking areas, concepts for parking space management, park zoning plan

Planning of parking systems
Planning of traffic connections, feasibility surveys, dimensioning, cost-effectiveness studies, operation concepts, investor selection process, specific technical planning support, testing of traffic-related planning, final walk-through, concepts for traffic redevelopment

Planning of mechanized and automated parking systems
Planning of parking systems and traffic connections, feasibility surveys, dimensioning, cost-effectiveness studies, operation concepts, specific technical planning support, testing of construction and traffic planning, final walk-through, engineering and engineering services, concepts for traffic redevelopment, startup procedures of facilities and redevelopment.

Transfer of know-how, research and development
Seminars and events on the subject-matter `parking`; studies, research projects, engineering, redevelopment concepts and assistance.

Expertises on all kinds of parking systems


Overview of our traffic development services

  • Traffic surveys
  • Traffic assessment (Expert opinions on traffic compatibility)
  • Planning of traffic connections
  • Planning of traffic development
  • Planning of noise development and noise reduction of encompassed areas
  • Planning of the development and reduction of air pollution of encompassed areas


We will gladly visit you!

We are based in Berlin. However we provide services on a world-wide basis. Today´s means of electronic data transfer via e-mail or file-servers allow accomplishment of many tasks and co-operation to be done this way. Nevertheless, a site visit is essential for the research on traffic and parking space and the investigation of properties. We always work in target-oriented close co-operation with all involved partners - local affiliates as well as authorities, the usual way in the construction business.

We would be glad to work with you!

We look forward to get in contact with you!