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Planning of the Salzburger Leite car park in Bad Neustadt / Saale with 81° inclined structure on commission of the Kriesche architects' office (2016 - 2019)

For its compact architecture automated parking systems are useful if the number of parking spaces required by building law or the functionality of the building cannot be realized by conventional architecture. To what extent advantages can be realized, can be learnt from a comparison of different parking technologies in relation to their locations.

Frequently stated general advantages of automated parking systems, some of which partially apply to conventional car parks also – are the following:

  • Saving of enclosed space and built footprint
  • High-quality integration or creation of new urbanity; revaluation of city districts
  • Comfortable and safe parking in generously spaced, light transfer cabins with authorized access
  • Parking in weatherproof areas which are only accessible for authorized persons – prevention of vandalism, collisions and theft
  • Elimination of air pollution and reduction of fuel consumption (through partial load and cold start in common multi-storey car parks) through utilization of energy-saving electrical conveyor appliances
  • Reduction of power demand for lighting and air ventilation within the building
  • Reduction of traffic caused by vehicles searching parking spaces

Automated parking is well-known for quite a time; however, it is a relatively new technology which requires special know-how from planning to operation to fully exploit all its potentials. This special requirement results from the interdisciplinary complexity of automated parking systems.
Examples for the range of fields to consider: traffic, logistics, architecture, construction engineering, conveyor technique, mechanical engineering, machine and process control, automation, interfaces for users / operators / service provider, event log, teleservice, electronic data transmission and a sensitive human machine interface with sophisticated and intuitive user guidance.

But we do not just know about the advantages of parking systems in theory, we also provide the best practical realization. With more than 100 projects implemented Europe-wide and 20 years of experience in the fields of planning, surveys, starting-up and problem solving, we offer our manufacturer-independent services for developing and planning of optimized parking systems with regards to traffic logistics, construction and cost-efficiency. We will support the start up procedure until you achieve your target parameters. As we are not bound to a certain technology we are able to provide a larger variety of opportunities than most of the system providers and thus find an optimized solution for each project. The experience and know-how acquired in numerous projects enables us to evaluate different variations with regard to operating safety and follow-up costs.

In many cases, there is more than just one appropriate configuration. On that background a careful formulated functional tender is essential to involve as many leading providers of the industry and basic technology as possible. However, a decision should not just been taken upon costs, but also with regard to the whole concept of utilization.

In co-operation with Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobilclub (ADAC), we developed the Certification of user-friendly automated parking systems by ADAC and keep on supporting it. The purpose is to optimize this high-end technology with regard to the user. A comprehensive catalogue dealing with the criteria of user-friendliness and sustainability helps with an objective assessment of quality which is expressed by high capacity combined with minimal failures and long-term operational lifespan.

Please consider, the earlier we get involved into the planning process, the better we can assist you in finding the optimal solution for your project, preferably at an early planning stage when layout and cubage are to be designed. In case that in the end another system is taken into consideration, we are all right with this decision. Our philosophy is to find the best solution for our customers regardless of the preferred technology – unless you have already taken a preliminary decision for either image, safety or environmental reasons.


Our services

We offer a full-range service package for planning automated parking systems and expert planning for all project stages. A good example for an integral planning approach is the Residential automated below-ground parking garage at Donnersbergerstraße in Munich. Of course we take into consideration all relevant regulations using cutting-edge technology and support you thanks to our participation in several technical bodies.

Basic evaluation and preliminary investigations

  • Parking space demand / parking space surveys
  • Special building requirements (cubage / interfaces)
  • Traffic connection / traffic surveys
  • Parkable vehicle dimensions
  • Operating time / operational lifespan
  • Availability and reliability
  • Environmental compatibility
  • Technical and economic feasibility studies 
  • Preparation and implementation of user polls
  • Preparation of information, implementation of briefings and walk-throughs for policy makers, citizens, and potential users 

Structuring of the planning process and call for tenders

  • Requirements of public procurement law (public / private tenders,..)
  • Preliminary assessment of manufacturers (competition, invitation to submit expression of interest, preliminary rating of supplier performance)
  • Establishment of preliminary rating criteria
  • Support for the establishment of the procedure
  • Definition of the general performance range (parking system with installation and start-up, maintenance and full-service contract as well as construction works)

System concept (preliminary planning, layout and approval planning)

  • Dimensioning according to vehicle categories
  • Specs of the parking system technology
  • External and internal logistics
  • Configuration of appropriate parking systems and dimensioning of conveyor units and transfer cabins
  • Comparison of layouts
  • Preference concepts
  • Close coordination with all involved parties (client, architect, planner, experts, authorizing agencies; operator if already determined)
  • Follow-up and optimization of planning throughout all phases and planning stages

Specification of planning and requirements through all stages of planning

  • Facility infrastructure
    Infrastructure of utilities – energy supply, water supply, sewage, telecommunications, traffic connection / positioning of transfer cabins and storage spaces / sidewalk crossings
  • Assessment of potential and observed climatic conditions in the surroundings of the parking system
  • Assistance with the development of a fire prevention concept / definition of fire sections / sprinkler system / gas purge / smoke detector / emergency call
  • Assistance with the development of a noise protection concept / evaluation of stock / assessment of the requirements for system technique and transfer cabins in relation to impact sound and airborne sound
  • Assistance with the development of an air pollution reduction concept / assessment of the requirements for system technique and transfer cabins in relation to air ventilation
  • Default settings of general principles of construction and configuration of the parking system by manufacturer
  • Default settings of general features (Parking - pulling-in / pulling-out, retrieving of vehicles, public / private parking)
  • Default setting of logistical efficiency, pre-dimensioning of conveyor technique and evaluation of handling and testing of system logistics
  • Development of a functional and detailed performance concept concerning main components of the system technology as for example steel construction / supporting framework / shelf construction
  • Load-bearing capacity (parking palettes / systems without palettes)
  • Conveyor technology (shelf operator device, shuttle, lift / vertical elevator, horizontal conveyor, turntable, special safety systems,…)
  • System control (system philosophy, possible controlling systems, energy supply and data backup, system functions, specifications of proceedings, self-diagnosis, event log, failure indication system, teleservice, interfaces for users / operators / service provider, interfaces, handling of source code)

Transfer cabins

  • Traffic related and construction specific planning of driveway levels and transfer cabins
  • Determination of transfer cabin dimensions
  • Planning of general technical equipment of transfer cabins (displays, sensors, gateways, lighting, heating, air ventilation, video control, animation)
  • Determination of special safety requirements
  • Development of user periphery in connection with different parking procedures
  • Development op planning in close co-operation with the architect and other planers involved
  • Specifications for service
  • Small parts storage
  • Permanent co-operation with the architect and planners of construction and supporting framework
  • Permanent co-operation with utilities management (electrical installation, lighting, heating, air ventilation system, fire protection, water supply / sewage / sanitary plumbing, telecommunications, central building control system)

Call for tenders according to VOB (German contract rules for building works), etc.

  • Providing documents for system technique, assistance / implementation, documentation
  • Advance information procedure
  • Competition / pre-qualifying
  • Providing tender documents (functional / service specifications)
  • Establishment of requirements for operational lifespan, warranty
  • Support for tendering procedure
  • Assistance for interviews with bidders
  • Tender evaluation
  • Recommendation for decision-making
  • Assistance with preparation of contracts with system manufacturer, service-provider and operator

Construction supervision / final acceptance

  • Structuring of duties and responsibilities of technical supervision 
  • Approval of implementation planning (approval of planning of cost/performance ratio)
  • Technical supervision of manufacturing and construction
  • Expert assistance for project meetings
  • Technical approvals / assistance with approval decisions and requirements
  • System approval on the background of digital video technology with 0.04sec. precision
  • Analysis of system procedure supported by video technology
  • Load testing
  • Safety approval – co-operation with different approval organizations

Planning for the operation of automated parking systems

  • Evaluation of operation costs
  • Assessment of capacity utilization and revenue
  • Assistance for tariffs policy and optimization 
  • Funding concepts
  • Operator concepts 
  • Tender for operators
  • Assistance with the preparation of the operator contract
  • Full-service concepts
  • Assignment of services and duties for operator and service provider
  • Definition of mobility guarantee
  • Consulting for staff training
  • Consulting for user briefings
  • Support for public relations and long-term user information
  • Development of user manuals
  • Maintenance concepts and monitoring

Redevelopment concepts for operating parking systems

  • Investigation and assessment of existing parking systems
  • Technical and organisational redevelopment concepts
  • Planning for updates
  • Call for tenders, planning and monitoring of refurbishment
  • Final technical approval for refurbishment


Further information


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