New car park in operation - hospital parking for the university hospital in Jena-Lobeda (Thuringia)  

Since May 2016 the car park planned by GIVT mbH with 1,300 parking spaces for patients, visitors and employees of the university clinic was put into operation. On five levels user friendly parking spaces, 2.50 meter wide, column-free in diagonal layout, welcome the users. Four entry lanes, three exit lanes and two spiral ramps  ensure the necessary performance.

The car park received the ESPA Gold Award from the European Parking Association during the opening ceremony.

CONTIPARK has built the 13 million object in a 15-month construction period and will be the future operator. DIP Deutsche Industrie- und Parkhausbau was commissioned with the construction work.  


Second edition Construction and Design Manual Parking Structures


The second edition of the compendium published by the Berlin architectural publishing house DOM publishers, which has been published in English, Turkish and Chinese, is currently in preparation. Expectedly spring 2018, an updated version of the manual will appear with many new aspects and examples.


Dr. Irmscher, founder of GIVT mbH, shows here in detail how to build user friendly car parks. 

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  • ADAC Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobilclub e. V. (General German Automobile Ass.)
  • Bernd Heuer Dialog GmbH, Düsseldorf
  • Dresden-Radebeuler Verkehrstage
  • DVWG Deutsche Verkehrswissenschaftliche Gesellschaft e. V., Berlin (German Ass. of Transport Sciences)
  • EU-INTERREG IIIC-Project „City Parking in Europe“
  • EUROFORUM Deutschland GmbH, Düsseldorf
  • Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung e. V., Bonn
  • Haus der Technik e. V. Essen
  • Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
  • IBK-Darmstadt Institut für das Bauen mit Kunststoffen e. V., Darmstadt (Institute for construction with synthetic materials)
  • IHK zu Dortmund (Chamber of Industry and Commerce), Dortmund
  • IIR Deutschland GmbH, Frankfurt
  • Immobilia Berlin, Internationale Fachmesse und Kongress (trade fair and congress)
  • ImmobilienSalon im InterContinental Berlin (symposium)
  • Institut für Städtebau der Deutschen Akademie für Städtebau und Landesplanung, Berlin
  • Middle East Parking Symposium, Abu Dhabi
  • Mosinvest, Moscow 
  • Otto Wöhr GmbH, Friolzheim,
  • SRL Vereinigung für Stadt-, Regional und Landesplanung, Berlin
  • Municipality of Dortmund
  • TAE Technischen Akademie Esslingen, Ostfildern
  • VDI-Bezirksverein Berlin (Association of German Engineers)

Selected publications
amongst other in

  • Ilja Irmscher
    „Parking Structures”
    Construction and Design Manual
    Preface by Ansgar Oswald, essays written by Ivan Kosarev and Angela Schiefenhövel
    2 volumes in slipcase
    DOM publishers Berlin, 2012
    ISBN 978-3-938666-95-1 (English)
  • Bayer, Edwin (Hrsg.):.
    „Parkhäuser – aber richtig“
    Ein Leitfaden für Bauherren, Architekten und Ingenieure 
    Düsseldorf: Verlag Bau + Technik GmbH, 2006
    3. überarb. und erw. Auflage, ISBN 3-7640-0467-3